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Frequently Asked Questions about Taekwon-Do...
What is Taekwon-Do? 

In short, Taekwon-Do is the Korean Martial Art of Self-Defense, useful for self-defense and/or getting into great physical shape, enabling one to tap into the body's tremendous power and balance, while also growing in confidence and enjoyment of the self and the art.

How is Takewon-Do different than Karate?  

Taekwon-Do hails from Korea and has more kicking techniques than any other martial art, while Karate is Japanese. In Korean our training hall is a "Dojang" and we wear "Doboks" (uniform) whereas in Japanese, a Karate School would be a "Dojo" and they wear a "Gi".

How old does my child have to be to train? 

Our Little Guardians start at five years old, with some four years olds as an exception. 

Is there an age limit to Taekwon-Do?

Of course baring good health and/or injury,there is no age limit. By all means consult a physician before you begin, but I have known a woman in her seventies training for her Red Belt and have had students in their fifties and sixties enjoy Taekwon-Do.  It is not just a physical challenge, but also mentally stimulating.  Our stretching excercise alone yield rewards for persistence.

At Guardian we train all ages and specialize in Family classes and only charge for three students per family. 

When can I sign up for classes?

Classes are year round and may be joined at any time.  Students learn in a group setting according to their own pace.  If you'd like to try a class for free, give us a call at 832.373.7328. 

How often should I or my child train?

The average student trains twice a week but we also provide an "All Ranks" class on Fridays that is great for students to take advantage of. Also, seminars which are held at least every other month are necessary to increase in conditioning and skill leading up to a successful Black Belt promotion.

Do you host "Taekwon-Do Birthday Parties"?

Yes!  For Taekwon-Do birthday parties the birthday child gets to be a "black belt for a day"and we hold a short Taekwon-Do class with the child's friends and play energetic fun physical games and/or have a pinata before having cake and opening presents.  Food is self-catered, charges are just for use of the facility and group class for the kids. Call for more info. 832.373.7328

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