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In 2007 Martin Tuinzing formed Guardian Taekwon-Do and began teaching kids adults and families in Houston. In 2008 and 2009 Guardian expanded to two more Houston area private schools and as of 2011, Guardian's home base is in Fulshear, TX. 

Energetically  teaching a world class curriculum, Guardian produces great results in anyone willing to learn, both young and old. Guardian cares about its students in and out of the class.  Young ones learn to conduct themselves respectfully and responsibly in an atmosphere of fun, hard work and grow in pursuit of their  black belt and so much more.

In a Christian and family setting, Guardian is for the serious martial artist. Taekwon-Do is for anyone wanting to learn how to defend themselves & harness the incredible power found from practicing Taekwon-Do.  We train hard and have a great time doing it.
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GUARDIAN - Instructors

Mr. Martin Tuinzing, 3rd Degree Black Belt    Owner/Head Instructor
National Champion &  Medalist at the 2012 ITF TaeKwon-Do World Championships 

​Mrs. Virginia Tuinzing, 4th Degree Black Belt   International Instructor
Multiple National Champion & Multiple ITF World Championship Medalist

Mr. Martin Tuinzing 3rd Degree Black Belt 
Taekwon-Do means "way of foot-fist fighting" - and is a powerful martial art rooted in an ancient Korean style of fighting with the advantages of both ancient tradition and modern understanding of human physiology . It is one of the best known methods of self-defense and one of the quickest ways to get into great physical shape.

Guardian Taekwon-Do trains the individual - each student progresses at their own rate. Training combines weight bearing and aerobic activities providing all over conditioning.  Taekwon-Do's high kicks incorporate stretching routines, increasing muscle and joint flexibility, especially important for adult students.

Women also love the benefits of Taekwon-Do.  The total body workout of the art greatly tones muscles.  While getting/staying in shape, women are also learning effective self-defense techniques.

Taekwon-Do teaches kids respect and responsibility.  Doctors recommend Taekwon-Do to help children focus and behave better at home  & school.  Students improve balance, strength and coordination in a safe, fun activity, giving them confidence and the ability to avoid being bullied.


GUARDIAN - The School

Mrs. Virginia Tuinzing 4th Degree Black Belt